Body Treatments

Men & Women

Hydrating Body Exfoliant
(50 minutes)

This treatment is a full body exfoliation. Gentle exfoliants will be applied to remove unwanted dead skin cells.Followed with an application of hydrating cream in light effleurage movements. A warm bed, scrub and spa shower will leave your skin radiant and your mind relaxed.

Herbal Body Wrap
(50 minutes)

This is a relaxing therapeutic treatment in which you are wrapped in an aromatic cocoon of herbs specially blended to ease your mind and body while your therapist performs a scalp massage. This warm Herbal Body Wrap is followed with the final touches of a full body moisturizer to soothe your skin as well as you.

Body Bronzing (50 minutes)

This treatment begins with an exfoliant scrub to remove dry skin.  Allowing for an even application of our odorless bronzing gel cream.  After exfoliation a spa shower is required. Our bronzer works with your specific skin type to give you the tan that is Just Right For You!

Detox Body Wrap (60 minutes)

This warm body mask of rich seaweed, is recommended for its impressive detoxifying properties. Its energizing activity is derived from the purest concentrated Brittany Coast marine plants, used for hundreds of years as agents to stimulate the body metabolism and eliminate impurities from the tissues.
It is highly suggested for smokers, frequent travelers, and anyone seeking weight or stress management.