Spa Packages

                                       Spa Packages


The Blue Sage Experience                        2hrs. $155.00

-Blue sage Essential Facial

-Blue Sage Relaxation Massage


The Zen Package                                               2hrs. 45min $200.00

-Blue Sage Relaxation Massage

-Blue Sage Essential Facial

-Warm Foot and Hand Massage with Hot towels plus a Paraffin Dip


The NOFO Escape                                       2hrs. 15min $200.00

-Indulgent Hot Stone Massage

-Oxygen Facial

-Warm Foot or Hand Massage with hot towels


North Fork Express                                     1hr. 30min $130.00

-Blue Sage Mini Massage

-Relax Mini Facial

-Mini Sole Rejuvenating Reflexology


Spa-Cation                                                    1hr. 30min $145.00

-Blue Sage Salt Glow

-Peppermint Scalp Massage

-Warm Foot Massage with Hot towels