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Massage Treatments

  • Therapists are encouraged to individualize their technique of well-being. All are licensed and are certified in numerous services.
  • Any treatment of 90 minutes, no additional add ons.

Blue Sage Relaxation

  • 30 minutes $70
  • 60 minutes $115
  • 75 minutes $135
  • 90 minutes $155

Overall relaxation. Helps to improve circulation and diminish stress. Please address areas of focus with therapist for the most personalized experience.

Deep Tissue Massage

  • 30 min $80
  • 60 min $140
  • 75 min $155
  • 90 min $185

Firm pressure and slow strokes to help release chronic muscle tension. Perfect for anyone with an active lifestyle or chronic pain.

Hot Stone Massage

  • 60 min $140

Full body massage with added warm river rocks to melt away tension and promote deep muscle relaxation.

Just The Two of Us

  • 60 min $245
  • 75 min $280
  • 90 min $325
  • add Deep Tissue or Hot Stone / per person $25

Couples Massage, While spending time with a partner, friend or relative, enjoy a massage in the same room. This Swedish massage improves overall circulation, reduces stress and takes you to a state of pure relaxation.

Mother To Be Massage

  • 30 min $80
  • 60 min $120

This special massage focuses on mom and baby to be. Will help ease the discomforts during pregnancy and aid in relaxing you and baby.

*A Dr.’s Authorization Form is required before treatment*

Myofascial Treatment

  • 30 min $75

Helps to reduce chronic pain by working on trigger points within the myofascial tissue surrounding and supporting the muscles.

Lymphatic Drainage

  • 30 min $80
  • 60 min $150

A gentle form of massage used to help relieve swelling that happens when medical treatment or illness blocks your lymphatic system. Reduces inflammation and toxicity. (Purchase package of 3 and receive 15% off)


  • 30 min $70
  • 60 min $110

Also known as Zone Therapy. To help balance energy throughout the body. Uses gentle pressure on specific points along your feet to help relax, eliminate toxins and stimulate the healthy function of internal organs.


  • 60 min $105

A tool for tapping universal energy. Reduces stress, removes energy blocks and brings balance to the body and mind.

Raindrop Treatment Massage

  • 60 minutes $150

A truly unique and rejuvenating experience. This therapeutic massage combines 9 healing essential oils that are placed down the spine. A great boost to the immune system.

Add On’s

Hot Stone $25

TMJ Rejuvenation

Reduces pain and tension that compromises movement of jaw and facial muscles.

20 min $45

Heavenly Foot or Hand Treatment

Enhance any massage with our exfoliating and moisturizing hand and foot treatment. Warm towels, sea salt scrub and moisturizing products to soothe, relax and hydrate.

15 min $40

Stimulating Scalp Treatment

Using peppermint oil to stimulate and relax.

15 min $30

Signature Scalp and Hair Treatment

A luxurious scalp massage and conditioning treatment using warm oils and a leave in conditioner to balance and nourish the scalp and hair.

20 min $45