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Body Treatment

NOFO Sea Salt Scrub

75 minutes $165.00 / 171.60

Indulge your body and leave with smooth, hydrated, glowing skin!  We start using an exfoliating mitt with our North Fork Sea Salt Scrub with added lactic acid to remove dry skin, exfoliate, draw out impurities and improve circulation. A full body mask is applied, then you are wrapped and covered in a warm blanket.  Red and blue light therapy and relaxing scalp massage, followed by a body buffer.  A hot shower awaits you, leaving skin smooth and soft, followed by a nourishing and brightening body cream. Unwind and drift away while leaving your skin deeply nourished and hydrated. (Take home body mitt)

Infrared Sauna

30 minutes $55.00 / 57.20

May be used by one or two people. An infrared sauna’s incredible heal benefits are caused by thermal energy. Light therapy uses colors to improve one’s wellness, treating you emotionally and physically. It helps: boost your immune system, improve circulation, relieve joint pain such as arthritis, relieve sore muscles, clear and tighten skin, weight loss, relaxation, better sleep. Before booking, an intake form needs to be filled out to clear any contraindications (please check our website). Book with any one hour treatment on the same day and receive 15% off use of sauna.

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