Massage Therapy

Therapists are encouraged to individualize their technique of well-being. All are licensed and are certified in numerous services.


Blue Sage Relaxation

60 minutes  $90

This is our most popular massage. A Swedish massage treatment that helps improve lymphatic flow, stress reduction and overall increased relaxation.

Deep Tissue Massage

  • 60 minutes  $110
  • 75 minutes  $130
  • 90 minutes  $155

This Deep Tissue massage treatment applies deeper strokes to release muscle tension and knots. A perfect massage for anyone with chronic pain.

Just The Two of Us

60 minutes  $190
  • Deep Tissue add on $25
  • Reflexology of the feet or scalp add on $20

Relax and let your muscles unwind while bonding with a partner, friend or relative. This treatment will help diminish stress, improve circulation, and address specific areas of your body that need help.

Indulgent Hot Stone Massage

60 minutes  $110

This hot stone massage treatment will melt away tension while promoting deeper muscle relaxation.

Rain Drop Treatment Massage

60 minutes  $130

A truly unique and rejuvenating experience. This therapeutic massage combines 9 healing essential oils that are placed down the spine. A great boost to the Immune system.

Mother To Be Massage

30 minutes  $60
60 minutes  $100

This special massage focuses on mom and baby to be. Improves circulation, relieves tension and anxiety while targeting specific areas that renew and relax
*Need a Dr.’s Authorization Form*

Blue Sage Mini Massage

30 minutes  $45

This is perfect for anyone on the go. Tension and muscle relaxation with focus to the upper or lower body.


60 minutes  $100

A tool for tapping universal energy. This hands on treatment done fully clothed energizes the body, mind, and soul.

Sole Rejuvenating Reflexology

  • 30 minutes $45
  • 60 minutes  $90

Hands and Feet

30 minutes  $60

This amazing treatment focuses on your feet using specific reflex points on the foot to induce a healing response in corresponding organs and other areas of the body.

Add On’s

TMJ facial rejuvenation 20 minutes $45
Sinus Peppermint treatment 20 minutes $25
Scalp treatment 15 minutes $20
Scalp Peppermint treatment 15 minutes $25
Warm foot or hand massage 15 minutes $20
Exfoliating foot or hand treatment 15 minutes $25

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